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In Pepaloves we do not use animal origin materials (leather, wool, leather, hair, silk or feathers), but alternative fabrics such as polyester, rayon, spandex, acrylic, cotton and polyurethane.

Obtaining wool causes a great deal of suffering. Wool is a protein fiber called keratin, thin, long and elastic. Before its breeding to be exploited, sheep produced enough wool to protect themselves from the cold. However, domestic sheep today have been genetically selected to produce more wool that would be normal. This selection of more productive sheep is causing many diseases related to excessive hair. Furthermore, shearing is usually very painful and sheep has to be immobilized in order to remove all the wool from their bodies, ignoring physical pain and injuries.

Our commitment with the animal rights leads us to reject these practices and to promote the progress achieved in the textile industry that nowadays makes animal suffering absolutely unnecessary to dress nice and quality garments.

Animal prints, no animal skins!